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Information System

Child and Youth Services in Germany

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Structures > Institutions

The Federation, the Länder and the local authorities in child and youth services (b)


Local authorities




Youth welfare offices in all counties and towns that are administrative districts in their own right

16 youth ministries of the Länder (federal states) and youth offices of the Länder

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs,
Senior Citizens,
Women and Youth


Medium-term child and youth services plans

Implementing acts to Social Code Book 8

Social Code Book 8 Child and Youth Services Act


Planning and funding responsibility in the context of local self-government

Initiation, promotion, further development of public-sector and non-statutory child and youth services

Nationwide initiation, models and promotion

Funding and reporting

Local and regional facilities and offerings run by public-sector and non-statutory bodies

Child and Youth Plans of the Länder

Child and Youth Reports of the Länder

Child and Youth Plan of the Federation (KJP)

Child and Youth Report 

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